In 1994, the ABMC published The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue through Scholars Press and the Society of Biblical Literature. This reference work—some six years in the making—was the first comprehensive record of the Scrolls, their locations, and the photographic and digital evidence.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue is a powerful research tool. For each scroll, the Catalogue lists all early photographic evidence, as well as the location of the actual scroll fragments. It provides scholars with the first comprehensive survey of all the Dead Sea Scrolls, and focused attention on the need to conserve the many thousands of fragments.

Of the 1994 Catalogue, Bilhah Nitzan wrote: “No comprehensive research involving the Scrolls can be done without being familiar with the information compiled in this catalogue” (Dead Sea Scrolls Discoveries 3/1996, 72).

At right: 1 Q Isaiah, Column 1a. Photo courtesy John C. Trever.