The ABMC provides on-site access to its film and digital holdings for qualified scholars, which is defined as any person with sufficient knowledge of the relevant languages.

Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

Dead Sea Scroll Images
These images are not available through ILL and are strictly for research purposes. They are not to be published or duplicated in any way by the recipient without the express permission of the owner of the copyrights to that image. These images are most commonly provided to the individual through electronic means (on CD or via email). Occasionally, a request will be filled for a transparency or a photographic print of the image. The costs for duplication of images electronically or photographically are $25 for the first image and for every image thereafter if photomanipulation (color balance, etc.) of the original negative is necessary, and $20 for each image thereafter if no addictional photomanipulation is necessary. For example, some of the original John C. Trever photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls have faded or deteriorated and require adjustment prior to publication or feasible research.

For Dead Sea Scrolls images, PAM numbers or Shrine numbers are required. If these are unavailable, please contact the research associate for scholarly services for assistance.

Descriptive List of Holdings
Copies of our Descriptive List of Holdings are available for $10 each to cover printing costs and shipping. This is the most up to date listing available of our entire holdings to scholars through ILL. If there is a manuscript that you need that is not listed, please inquire, as there are new acquisitions being made all the time.